Parc Riviera – Redefine Your Living Standards

Singapore is one of the busiest cities in the world and people from all over the globe come to Singapore either for career or business opportunities and soon make this city their home.  Whether you’re a local or whether you’ve come from another city or country, Singapore will soon make you feel at home and if you are looking for some amazing housing options in the city of Singapore you’ll find plenty. However, if you want your home to be beautiful, classy and stylish and you want it to be located in a prime area which makes it convenient for you to travel on a daily basis, you need to consider investing in the Parc Riviera Condos.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcS9rDSy2voNK_dfUwiWOESwqJ_sQ_mcTOY7hE3_OcsVrWBWRTM1wgWhile the condos will be ready in 2020, the booking for these homes has begun. People in Singapore are surprised with the features and amenities that this construction has to offer and while you might come across multiple constructions in Singapore, this one is sure to stand out amongst the rest. One of the main reasons that the Parc Riviera Condos are so unique is because they are in close proximity to the West Coast Highway and Ayer Rajah Expressway. This makes it super easy for people to find multiple public transport options. The site is well connected with all major roads in Singapore.NIC160012_03_gal

The Parc Riviera Condos are under construction in Clementi Town which is one of the oldest and most reputed areas in Singapore. This town is well equipped with some of the best shopping centers, malls, educational societies and transport facilities. This makes it a perfect place for families to reside at. The number of schools and colleges around the site is large and this gives parents that opportunity to pick one of the best schools for their children which will help them shape their future.

Another highlight of the Parc Riviera Condos is that they are being constructed to suit the need and budget of various buyers. There are 3, 4, and 5 bedroom apartments which you can pick from depending on your budget. While the construction comes with some of the best amenities and facilities, it is an affordable option and is launching at prices that people can consider investing in. The location of this site is great since it is surrounded by low rise constructions on all sides. This provides amazing views from all homes. There are two views from the homes here, one is the Ayer Rajah Expressway facing and the other is the West Coast Highway facing. People can choose which one they prefer more and invest accordingly. According to the floor plan of Parc Riviera, people should consider investing in homes above the 6th floor since this provides better view. Since the construction is surrounded by low rise buildings, the breeze to these apartments is amazing and it will always keep your home cool.

Parc Riviera Condos are luxury condos which are being constructed by 5 reputed developers in Singapore. The aim is to create luxury homes at affordable prices which will meet the needs of various people. It has also taken into consideration the facilities located close to the construction for the convenience of the residents. Apart from multiple schools and colleges, there are also reputed hospitals that are in close proximity to the construction. Clementi Town also has a number of corporate constructions that are coming up which will soon open up the opportunity of jobs that are close to home. With such a lot to offer, Parc Riviera has managed to attract a large number of people which is why you need to act fast if you want to invest in this property.

PHILOSOPHY –love for wisdom

PHILOSOPHY is a study dealing with the root topics of the human existence like truth, حكمة, knowledge, soul and mind etc. Topics falling in the category are vast but the very objective is same and that is to know in depth and detail about all these critical and fundamental parameters. Philosophy is very helpful to understand and control the behavior not only of humans but of nature or of anything existing around. In broader sense philosophy is the knowledge one acquires to answer the up-heading questions which can be both basic and critical.Literature_Reviews

The literal meaning of philosophy is ‘love for knowledge’ and thus it touches all the aspects including science, mathematics, environment, culture and what not. Philosophy in true sense is the knowledge of existence of everything. It is a rich outcome of the combat between the curiosity of human mind and the nature. Philosophy clears out the clouds behind which hide the answers of the most genuine questions. It is an approach, attained by the intellects to provide a substance to the life for what life is without the knowledge. Thus, philosophy can be considered as the wheels of the chariot called ‘life’.Literature-and-Creative-Writing-Video-banner

Philosophy in actual is the soul of life. It unfolds many mysteries and provides a path towards enlightenment. Though philosophies are always followed by the valid logics but there is no philosophy which is absolute. Every philosophy can be challenged and can be modified as per the beliefs. Philosophies are the arguments and hence they need not to be correct all the time. They are often criticized and at times are proved wrong as well. A philosophy is guided by the individuals belief; it is a thought, it is an idea and it is open for everyone and anyone to follow. Different people have different culture and every culture has its own philosophy. Therefore, different philosophies guide the lives of individualsfollowing different cultures. These cultural philosophies are different on the basis of the religions and rituals but are united on the fact that they all teach man to follow the road of wisdom. True essence of philosophy is wisdom only.

There are some people whose beliefs and logics are widely accepted by the masses. These people have their unique philosophies which are influential. There philosophies become a source of inspiration for the others leading these people to become great philosophers. The philosophers are remembered for the centuries for their remarkable work. The world has witnessed some great philosophers whose theories have changed the very belief of the human life. Some of these great philosophers are remembered for their extraordinary contributions in the field of science and technology. The advance life which we are leading today is the gift from some celebrated philosophers who have devoted their lives finding the evidences to support their theories. Every invention which has transformed our lives today is based on some outstanding philosophy. The medical science which today has achieved levels of creating miracles, too is the work of the people who believed in setting new philosophies. These philosophers have dedicated their lives in order to solve the very mystery of life. Art and literature have witnessed few philosophers whose philosophies have taken the world by storm at that time. Some philosophers are even punished for thinking beyond their times, perfect example of this is of Galileo. Galileo, whose theories have found a special place in the field of science and has given a base to many advanced technologies, was sentenced to death by the authorities in that era for proposing theories different from the commonly practiced ones. This shows the level of sacrifices philosophers made in order to put forth the truth.

Philosophies sometimes are also seen as the threat to mankind. There are endless examples in the history where a malicious philosophy has endangered a thousands of innocent human lives. Philosophy is a way to look at the life. It can be good and bad depending upon the ripples it creates after hitting the multitude. Philosophy enriches the life by providing the perception to look at life differently. It opens the mind allowing one to see clearly through the things. Philosophy thus is the way of living life in the light of knowledge and wisdom.

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Pokemon GO: The Real Gaming Experience

Released recently on 6th of July, 2016, Pokemon Go has already become one of the most used smart phone applications throughout the globe. There are several pokemon go tips and tricks which the users can learn to make the game more interesting and collect maximum number of Pokemons. It is a free to play game app developed currently for Android and iOS users. It is a reality based game which uses the GPS and Camera of the device of the user to trace the actual location of the player and makes the characters known as “Pokemons” to appear on the camera screen as if in real life. Thereafter, the player can capture the characters and train them to battle them against other users’ Pokemons.pok-mon-go Step by Step Guide:

First of all, after installing the application on their devices, users have to create their own unique account, thereafter, they can create their own avatar in which they can alter the skin color, eyes, hair and so forth. After the avatar has been created, the current location of the gamer along with a map of his current surroundings would be displayed of their device screen with the help of the camera. PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms would already be located on the available map. Eggs, PokeBalls and several other objects are made available at the PokeStop whereas Pokemon Gyms serve as battle arenas for team matches.tnw-pokemon-go-featured-796x398

The avatar moves in the map as the user travels the real world. Several types of species of Pokemon are made available at different locations. For example, Water-type Pokemons are usually found near an actual water body, also the user may view an augmented reality(AR) mode or a live generic background when the player spots a Pokemon with the help of the camera and the gyroscope to provide a real life view. The players can also take the screenshots of the Pokemons they come across with either the AR mode activated or deactivated.

When the player comes across a Pokemon, he can throw a PokeBall towards him from the bottom of the display screen to capture him. Several factors such as the type of PokeBall, right force and time are responsible for actually capturing the Pokemon. If the player successfully catches the Pokemon, The specified character comes under his ownership. Capture of each wild Pokemon can earn the players candies and stardust. Candies are helpful in the Evolution process of the Pokemon. The players have to ultimately complete the entries in the Pokedex by capturing and evolving the Pokemons to obtain a total of 151 Pokemons.

The game has even been appreciated by several medical experts for positive effects on the physical and mental states of the users. It is the fastest growing apps ever launched and it has already topped the iOS App Store. You can experience a great sense of excitement and fun while playing the game. Another version of the game, Pokemon GO Plus is also already all set to be launched in the market soon.

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The Joy of Online Movie Streaming

The market for online movie streaming is slowly gaining pace. Earlier the entire concept of online movie viewing and streaming was quite rare. People were not aware about this mode of movie viewing. But with the introduction and advancement of internet you have movies online. Gone are the days when you have to visit the DVD rental store and collect your favorite movie to enjoy with your family.Stream-Addon-730x380

Online movie streaming is easy and affordable. The sites offer the entire package when you visit to watch the movie online. Starting from the synopsis of the movie, star cast, the rating of the movie by popular rating sites, comments and critique, these sites offer the entire history of the movie. Netflix and are some of the renowned sites which offer the facility of online movie streaming. Whenever you have all the features and facts associated with the movie on the same platform you are surely not going to wander around different

When you visit you will be welcomed with a dashboard full of options. You will have a list of all recently released movies worldwide. International movies along with their details will be available at your fingertips. They generally offer three file formats for movie streaming, Mp4, DivX and flash. So in order to view each of them you should have the necessary plugins installed. provides the link to download these plugins if you don’t have them already. For streaming your video in flash player you should have the flash player installed. Not only movies, they offer documentaries, TV series and archives also. So all your movie related stuff will be present here.

Among the features involved, you can bookmark your movie so that you can come back later and stream your movie from there. You will also have film tips from experts, so before you start watching the movie, go through the reviews.

The charges vary from movie to movie based on popularity, release date, genre. But they are quite affordable and if you are a regular visitor sites offer you attractive discounts. Recent movies have a good streaming pace as they are uploaded recently.

So visit market place for ultimate movie experience. Online movie streaming is an experience everyone wants to have. It is hassle free and you can watch it anywhere. is a just a revolution. Come be a part of this revolution and enjoy your movie.

How To Make Free Caller Id Spoofing

Caller ID spoofing is nothing but making the frank and fake calls to the other person. Up to some extend making fake calls is good. But many scammers from the online doing some illegal activities by calling these spoof calls and fraud the people and take the valuable personal information such as account details , passwords etc.

Making these free caller ID spoofing is very easy you will find it in different websites. All you need when you open the caller id spoofing website on your browser there appear three boxes. On your number box type your phone number. On destination number box type the number of the person whom you want to make a frank. The third box is Spoof number. The spoof number is the number which has to be displayed on the called party side console. Then click on the voice pitch appeared at the right side of the screen and select the volume you can adjustable.


Then click on the sound box and adjust different types of voices you want such has sound effects, John Travolta, Charlie sheen , Spooky effects, Keifer Sutherland etc. and you can change whatever you want. Then enter the captcha in the box names text here then type the correct code. Then click on place the call. Then you ready to make a frank call to whoever you want inn this world but with the number of another you want. Some of the websites provides the free caller ID spoofing but up to some extends stating that terms and conditions may apply. After use of the free frank calls if you want to make other calls you need to pay the money and get the premium caller access.

Caller id spoofing has both pros and cons. some pros are it is mainly used in the telemarketing services. Suppose you are working from the home and you need to call your clients but calling from the office number is not easy so in order to make call to the client he needed to access to the free caller id spoofing app then he had to make the call in the name of the telemarketing company. The next things if some unknown number is always disturbing you can make a call through the caller spoofing id website then make a frank call and collect the information about the person.


The cons are many online frank class are called from the frank people and said they are calling from the particular company and take a valuable information and use our accounts secretly.

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Top Reasons You Should Consider Listing Your Business Online

A number of business owners prefer not to take the time to list their business online because they believe that it does not help them increase the brand value of their business. However listing your business online can help you in a number of ways. White page directory is one of the most popular business listings in USA and this website is one that a number of people refer to when looking for the right solutions.white-pages-nz-directory-i0

The fact that you can access this website on various platforms including Windows, iOS and Android. This makes it accessible to a larger audience and this helps you to get maximum exposure. This not only helps you increase your business, but also helps you establish a strong reputation for your business which helps you stay ahead of the competition.wp-300px-a_tcm12-22734

White Pages is a popular platform that not only helps you list your business and increase your sales, but also helps you to become a stronger company in the market. One of the best things about this listing is that it helps you target local customers who are around you. Most customers prefer to opt in for a business that is in close proximity and one of the best ways to let these customers know all about you is by listing your business with White Pages.

White Pages is very easy to access and it is a user friendly website that helps customers find the right solutions. This is why most people in USA depend on White Pages for solutions. When you list your business on this website, you manage to beat your competition and helps your business grow in a much better manner.

White page listings also increase your online authority. Online listings prove that your business is legitimate and it also boosts authority by the value of search engines linking to your site. These are called back links and helps move your website higher in search rankings. Online listings are easier to create and do not require any specialized training. This is the reason small businesses prefer white page listings to a fully developed website. This is a lot more cost effective and helps reduce your cost as well. Online listing also helps you create visibility on almost every smartphone in the market.

White page directory also ensure that your business is not misrepresented. For example if you are taking over a business space that was occupied by some other business, people will still see the old ads related to your current address. This means that for many people your business will not exist. Putting up your business name against the new address will help create awareness among people. You should also update the new contact information and the website details for your business as well. Your aim should be reaching the top of all search engines. If you are running a restaurant and someone types food on a search engine, your restaurant listing should be on the top of the page.

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Paradise Like Resting place Where Memories Get New Life

As identified worldwide nirvana memorial is the Singapore’s Premium State-of-the-Art Buddhist Columbarium, which is admired and adored all across the universe for its immaculate beauty and serenity. Singapore is one beautiful and modern city and in this city lies one enchanting landscape of serenity and tranquility. This peaceful landscape is filled with verdant vegetation. Nirvana memorial garden is at 950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road, this place is one tranquil ground for cinerary urns, equipped with all sorts of modern facilities and luxuries. Throughout the year, light breeze surrounds the outdoor and melodious chanting reverberate the indoor without fail.  The ambiance within causes momentary lapse from the mundane hustle and bustle, wretchedness and chaos. This place is first ever personalized, full air conditioned, 6 star iconic Columbarium in Singapore. Here one will discover traces of contemporary architecture blending well with traditional auspicious streaks of Buddhism, Confucianism  and Taoism culture, also one may trace elements of Fengshui. Here one will be able to reap pleasures of complete peace, freeing oneself from karmic debts.What-is-Nirvana-Nibbāna-Buddhism-classes

Remarkable cultural blending

However one will come across wonderful impact of traditional Chinese culture in everything. Although the Columbarium is meant to keep the leftovers and memories of deceased ones, but the place never makes one feel any kind of alienation rather the place endeavors in harmonizing the living with the dead through the perceptions like love and adoration. Nirvana today boasts of its quality standard, modern elegance, high construction and consistent maintenance. Unlike ordinary resting houses which are most of the time dreary and lifeless, nirvana memorial is warm and a comfortable place for all family members who miss their departed one and want to relive the memories in one of the pleasant possible manners.Who-Am-I

Interior of nirvana memorial

One will come cross specially designed cafeteria where families can exchange their thought. Here one will be getting praying hall also ancestor’s worship area. Providing variety of services such as areas for placing ancestral pedestal one or two to a whole range of family niches where more than 24 urns can be kept, nirvana memorial paves way for you to show your gratitude towards your deceased members. Right before placing the deceased at the Hall of Peace nirvana memorial makes sure that, deepest condolence is conveyed blending with a prayer so that he or she may rest in peace, getting reconciled with Buddha in heaven. There are number of suites like Family suite, Memorial Suite, Royal Suite and different other suites. Whether its in shiny golden or holy white or other sober material, the ambiance within is welcoming and pristinely bright. In the evening monks chant prayers so that the deceased souls may get peace

Know How You Can Save A Lot Of Money From Expedia Promo Code

Traveling to some other places in the past was a little bit difficult to do. Well, it is simply because there were still no advanced airplanes before that will bring you anywhere you want in the world. Scheduling your flights and buying flight tickets for your out of town vacation is even made easier these days. You only need to have your personal computer and stable internet connection. You can even make use of your mobile phone in doing your flight bookings and hotel reservations. It is made possible through the online travel agencies that are present in the virtual world these days.


One extremely reliable online travel agency that is trusted by many people in the entire world is the Expedia. The best thing about Expedia is the fact that it offers a lot of travel deals to the people that you will surely love. Through these travel deals, you can save a considerable amount of money on your flight tickets and hotel accommodations. You just have to make sure that you have your own Expedia promo code. What are the things that need to be done then in order to have some big discounts out from this promo code?


Well, the very first thing you need to do is log in to your Expedia account. When you are already on the online portal of the travel agency, you should take a search on the travel packages offered in the site, which are acceptable by the coupons that you have availed. You can enjoy a cheap hotel package or a flight package, depending on the coupon. On the payment page, you should enter the promo code of the coupon that you have got. After that, you just need to complete your purchase and you are good to go. How amazing is that to you?

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Orange County Rehab: What Services Are Accessible

Those who are looking for drug treatment can very well go for drug rehab centers, there they will be getting wonderful professional assistance. Even though, it may appear that only musicians and designed celebrities are permitted to visit these rehabs but in actuality anyone can visit the rehabs, irrespective of what they do. Selecting the center and finalizing the treatment could be an intimidating a task. You need to choose the best and make sure that it suits your need. Hence, below some of the fundamental information is shared depending upon which you can conclude upon the appropriate rehab. There are primarily two chief ways to select the best rehab. You need to check whom the rehab is serving, residential or outpatient. Now the residential care is, where the drug victim will be shifting to the facility for full time basis where the recovery program is carried out to help the victim to get over. Whereas outpatients are those who receive service during the day and allowed to go home at night.



There are two kinds of counseling that the patient will be receiving at Orange County Rehab individual counseling and group counseling. While opting for individual option the addict will be meeting the professional all alone. But in group session the addict will be meeting with number of other patients who will be there discussing about their own problems. In group session the drug victims wont be feeling isolated and may sympathize with each other. The professional is meant to encourage the drug victims to open up and provide support to each other. Group sessions are best as here they will feel that they are not alone in this world, struggling and suffering due to substance abuse.

Services provided

You will come across two types of rehabs, one which is meant to handle only one type of substance abuse, but there are rehabs which are meant to handle different kinds of substance abuse such as cocaine addiction, oxyContin addition crystal meth addiction, heroin addiction, vicodin addiction, and marijuana addition and varying others. Its better to take help from second kind of rehabs as here you will find number of professionals ready to cooperate and render assistance, when victim is involved in more than one type of drug abuse.


Regulations to follow

If you want to get rid of drug addiction, you need to follow different rules and regulations. Such as, those who are on residential care will be having limited visitors, no random hanging out, no phone call or not even involving into any kind of physical interaction. The rules however vary from one facility to another.


Watch Out For Lie Detector Test London

Everyone must have heard about the lie detector.

These lie detectors are used in police investigations or interrogations. It helps the police force to know about the suspect before him is really a culprit or an innocent. And one can witness this test during their government sector jobs. They test so that, there are not lying on particular thing about them. This test will provide the government, the best employees.

Lie detector test is also called as polygraph test. The so called name for lie detector test has given because it shows multiple signals on a graph. During the polygraph test, there will be 4 to 6 sensors that are attached to person. The multiple signals the polygraph test provides are:

  • The person’s blood pressure.
  • A person’s breathing rate, if his breathing rate is more than recommended, then that is what your polygraph machine is doing it right.
  • A person’s perspiration.
  • A person’s pulse.


At times, the polygraph machine will record few other things as well. They are mainly leg and hand movement.

In the beginning, the polygraph test starts with three to four simple questions so that, the persons signals are established and then can check the difference. Simple questions can be about the personal and simple things like asking about your name and stuff like that.

Then starts the real part, the questions are listed for testing in polygraph will be asked. There is a moving paper which has the recordings of the person’s behavior when he answers certain questions.

While considering the answers of during and after sessions, the polygraph examiner will cross check the graph movement from simple question to the main questions. Few things like, faster heart beat rate, increased perspiration, higher blood pressure will prove that the person is lying.

When a well trained and experienced polygraph examiner examines you on polygraph, there is high chance and accuracy of find whether the person is lying or not.

While some pranksters can does perfectly in fooling the polygraph test. If a person known’s how to cheat or can lie with ease. They can cheat this particular machine with ease, and cannot get caught. So, this polygraph test is not always perfect to test whether the person is lying or saying the truth. But let’s not discuss about the wrong side of the machine, because it has all the best things doing to about more than 70% times. This polygraph test is used all over the world. Many of the times, the examiners will succeed. In UK, this test is so famous and there are many agencies which offer to support you to produce the results for particular person about the truth, the agencies will cost some bucks for doing so. But it always best way to choose the best polygraph test examiners by the previous customer reviews so that you don’t get bluffed about the result. The experienced can produce you the correct and accurate results.


Here we are about to discuss about the UK’s largest lie detector test company.

UK lie detector test are the country’s largest company which are providing the culprits and supporting the innocents. These are one of the best companies which offer the polygraph services all over the country. They offer the services Lie detector test London with highly professional and experienced staff in it. They are well trained and their professional will like to provide the society or a particular person the accurate results and can get justice out of it. The trained professionals will undergo different type of situations like situational, commercial or personal levels. These professionals have their experienced for over a decade in dealing different kind of situational cases. With the help of this company one can get the best results in the class.   

Services you would see when you find a pamphlet of this company:

Employment screening test:

This particular test is for the employee, mostly the government sector jobs will have this screening test to know the approximate of the answers or the work he can provide to the company. So that employer get to know about the person who is up and can make walk out the person’s who are not qualified for the next round by this test. The employee who passes this test can be trust worth person to the company.

Sexual offender test:

This particular test is for those who manage to get away from the sex assault cases. The cases mainly includes exploiting a minor sexually, child molestation, sell or buy children among other sexual offences. This company has well connected all over the country and they solve many of the sex assault cases. This can prove whether the person who is a culprit, speaking truth or lie.

Commercial investigation:

This investigation test will be for those who are in the business field and are up for this particular test regularly because of these issues, assault, theft or fraud. The company has many cases solved in this particular category. As you see, there are many companies which show fraudulent sometimes, for those people, the tests will be like investigating the person or tracking the fraud about how many more persons are else there it.

False insurance claims:

There are people who claim falsely about their insurance policy. And the companies won’t be able to find the evidences, so that they assure the claims. For those people who falsely claim the insurance, it would be better if the insurance company go with the lie detector test London, if the person and the company are residing in there. This will help the company whether the client is speaking or claiming the truth or he or she just wants to cover the insurance so that he gets beneficial.

Private investigation & theft:

This particular test will be for commercial or personal purposes. This service covers the fraud, scammer, and thefts. The UK lie detectors have professionals and machines that can help one to solve their problem.

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